Should I Care About Google PageSpeed Insights?

There are a few point we need to understand with using Google PageSpeed Insights,

1. PSI Tests Are Conducted Using a Throttled 3G Connection

This will probably matter if your visitors are using low-speed 3G networks. As you may know, the average download speed on mobile is constantly increasing: our mobile networks are more and more powerful, and they can run four times faster than the speed of a 3G connection.
This parameter is not so relevant if your audience is based on countries where 3G mobile networks are getting surpassed by faster connections.

2. The Testing Server Location Used by PSI Reports Is UnknownThis is a major point!

We know that our (BlackLabel Hosting) servers are located in Australia, while the test server used by PageSpeed Insights is, let’s say, in Los Angeles.
You’ll get results that don’t represent a real-world scenario in which a visitor located in Australia would experience lower loading time, being geographically closer to your server.
That’s why we always suggest completing your performance audit using tools like Pingdom and GTMetrix, which allow you to choose different server locations (for GTMetrix, you need to create an account to access the server locations list).

With that said, PageSpeed Insights is not the best tool to assess the overall speed of a Stacked Site website. We are using Cloudflare for your websites and it caches your files on any one of its 170+ datacenters around the word. It will only cache a file after it’s been requested, so the first visitor in any given datacenter will have to wait CF get the file on the origin server before it will return it to the user. PageSpeed will test your site from different servers each time, and it could be hitting a different CF datacenter when you redo the test, hence always getting files that have not yet been cached by Cloudflare. Also, PSI does not let you see whether or not the files it gets where cached by CF, which makes comparison difficult.

Here is an article from an industry-leading company about Google PageSpeed Insight

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